Family & matrimonial

Family and relationship issues are as diverse and unique as the individuals that form them.

Our team will be there to support you to re-open lines of communication and resolve issues in an amicable way wherever possible.

Our family team specialises in providing clear legal advice in a compassionate and sensitive manner. That advice is client-focused and based on providing options and practical guidance on the personal and legal implications of any relationship breakdown.

We focus our expertise on reaching agreements and solutions rather than creating problems. Our aim is to enable our clients to work towards resolving disputes in a constructive manner, working with those involved to achieve the best possible result and a resolution which is fair.

We recognise that court proceedings do not have to always be the answer to any dispute, but may become necessary. If so, then we will not create unnecessary conflict. We specialise in presenting our client’s cases in a professional and result-focussed manner with a view to achieving a fair result.

When there are issues involving children our family team use their expertise and knowledge to ensure the needs and best interests of the children are paramount. We recognise our clients need us to avoid further inflaming a situation which may already be very difficult, distressing and confusing to those involved.

We can help and advise our clients on a range of matters including, and not limited to:

  • Divorce and financial claims arising from divorce proceedings
  • Advice to unmarried couples cohabiting couples
  • Financial disputes between unmarried couples relating to property
  • Financial disputes involving complex financial structures, private and family owned companies, assets held in foreign jurisdictions including trusts
  • Financial claims brought on behalf of a child, including maintenance payments, provision for housing, school fees and the provision of capital
  • The arrangements for children to spend time with their parents after a separation or divorce
  • Applications for permission to relocate with children abroad or within the UK
  • Protection from domestic violence and abuse
  • Advising same sex couples on Family law issues involving children, including issues arising from surrogacy arrangements and donor agreements

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