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Every year, many Korean businesses invest in or expand into the United Kingdom.

As a market the UK has much to offer; a long-standing history of highly successful commercial activity, a globally renowned capital city, and comparatively few barriers to market entry.

However, there are numerous differences between Korea and the UK in terms of legal structures, regulations and practices governing business operations which means that any organization considering such a step should seek sound legal advice at an early stage.

We are fully experienced in all aspects of helping businesses to set up a base or headquarters here – whether in London itself, or elsewhere in the UK. Our specialised Korean advisory team includes a Korean national who is a Korean qualified lawyer, and a number of UK legal specialists in areas of particular relevance to incoming investors.

Together with our contacts in allied professions such as accountancy, property investment and finance we can provide a comprehensive service in relation to business structures, banking and finance, formation and registration, company secretarial duties, tax, VAT, intellectual property protection, restructuring and insolvency, employment and immigration issues, commercial real estate, grants, education and training, and numerous other matters.

Our services also extend to other personal issues relating to the needs of the individual business owner or employee.

Our experience in dealing with overseas companies means we understand your specific requirements.  In meeting them our aim is always to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client, on budget and on time. In fact, the ability to build and maintain long-standing relationships with a loyal client base is one of our strongest attributes and one that we know our clients value highly.

If you are considering investment into the UK– either now or at some future date – we would be pleased to discuss your plans with you either on the telephone or at a meeting. A meeting could be arranged here in London or as representatives from our firm periodically visit Korea, we would be pleased to meet you there at a convenient time.


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매년많은한국기업들이영국으로의투자나사업확장을고려합니다. 영국은오랜기간 동안매우성공적으로상업활동의중심지로기능해왔으며, 다른유럽국가들에비하여상대적으로시장진입장벽등비지니스활동에유리한조건을제공하고있습니다.

그러나, 한국과영국의법률구조와법규, 비지니스관련규제및  관행들은매우상이하므로, 영국에서의비즈니스를고려하시는경우초기에적절한법률조언을얻는것은매우중요합니다.

런던의법률중심가인홀본에자리잡은저희그레고리로클리프밀너스  (Gregory Rawcliffe Milners, Greenwoods GRM)는런던및영국전역의기업설립과관련한모든분야에있어서다양하고전문적인경험을갖추고있는종합법률사무소입니다.

저희사무소는회계, 부동산및파이낸스, 투자자문등의  외부전문가들과긴밀한협력관계를맺고있으며, 회사구성및등록, 정관작성등의설립관련제반업무및조세, 지적재산권, 회사부동산, 인• 허가및인사• 노무, 교육과훈련등기타기업활동과관련한다양한문제들에관하여종합적이고전문적인법률서비스를제공하여드리고있는바, 기업법무뿐아니라, 진출기업소속직원및주재원들이필요로하는개인법률서비스또한지원하여드리고있습니다.

저희Greenwoods GRM은항상고객각각의예산및시간에적합한최선의법률서비스를제공하는것을목표로하고있습니다. 250년이상의역사를가진저희사무소에있어서오랜세월지속적으로깊은신뢰관계를맺어온수많은고객의존재야말로저희사무실이성공적으로목표를수행하고있음을보여주는실례라고할것입니다. 이는저희의자랑이며고객들로부터높이평가되는하는부분이기도합니다.

기존에쌓아온수많은외국회사들과의경험을바탕으로, 저희사무소는한국고객들만의특수한요구를이해하고있으며,  한국고객들에게보다전문적이고안정적인서비스를제공하기위하여한국변호사를비롯하여회사설립및투자등과관련한영국법각분야의전문변호사들로구성된한국전담팀을갖추고있습니다.

귀사가영국에서사업중이거나장래투자할것을고려하고있다면바로연락주십시오. 기꺼이아낌없는조언을제공하여드릴것입니다. 만일한국에서의상담을원하시는경우, 이또한협의가능합니다.

기타자세한상담을원하시면김세정변호사(이메일 sjkim@greenwoodsgrm.co.uk,  대표전화번호+44 (0) 20 7242 0631 , 직통전화+44 (0) 20 7504 1167)  에게연락주시기바랍니다.

For more information about this practice area, please contact:

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