Data privacy

A business’s ability to use and manipulate the information that it holds is increasingly associated with its profitability and long term success.

Personal data is everywhere. It underpins almost everything you are trying to do. A rapidly expanding network of data privacy and e-privacy law (domestic, continental and global) means that the rules governing how you can use personal data are increasingly complex. Whether you want to monetise personal data for commercial objectives or adhere to the highest standards of compliance for the people you interact with, our expert data privacy lawyers are here to help.

The significance of data privacy law continues to grow and raises issues of fundamental importance to individuals, businesses and other organisations. We can help you negotiate this complicated area of law and ensure that your objectives in using personal data can be achieved. Our specialist team can help you with both preparatory and reactionary work, for example:

Compliance and preparation Incident response
Documentary policies and procedures Subject access requests
Impact assessments and audits Data security breaches
Email and social media marketing Supervisory authority investigations
Use of cookies, geolocation and other tracking technology Managing allegations of contravention
Data sharing provisions Other individual rights requests (for example requests for erasure of personal data)

We can also assist you to analyse your current standard of compliance with our data privacy health checks; and we are always happy to provide in-house bespoke training.

We also love to work on unique or offbeat projects, such as advising on the impact of data privacy law on AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (the internet of things); advising a multinational pharmaceutical conglomerate on running an online marketplace where individuals trade health information for in-app purchases and advising a charitable organisation on whether information about an employee changing gender identity constituted special category personal data.

We can help you deliver on your strategies, whether domestic or international, by providing accurate, clear, pragmatic advice which is relevant to your organisation and your goals. Through it all, we are confident that we are data privacy lawyers you’ll enjoy working with.

If you want some more examples of our recent experience:

  • Advising an international campaign platform on compliance with data privacy law when designing and rolling out a Europe-wide Brexit quiz
  • Advising charitable and commercial organisations on the lawful use of Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences to deliver targeted advertising
  • Advising a retail group on how to lawfully profile customers’ behaviour and preferences, and share within a group for targeted advertising purposes
  • Drafting a legitimate interests assessment for a client planning to operate a public-facing salary transparency scheme
  • Advising on the data privacy law requirements of mergers and acquisitions
  • Advising a charity on the data privacy law impact of running a research program aimed at identifying the causes of, and reducing, pupil exclusion rates
  • Advising clients on how to carry out background checks and safeguarding investigations while complying with data minimisation, retention and security obligations
  • Advising numerous charities on the conflict between keeping as much information as possible and the data minimisation/retention principles when retaining information surrounding gifts in wills
  • Advising a US financial executives membership organisation on extraterritorial compliance with EU data privacy law when extending its membership network to the EU
  • Analysing whether “without prejudice” privilege in settlement discussions applied to ICO investigations and correspondence

If you have any questions on anything mentioned above or would like our assistance please contact our data privacy specialist, Priya Thapar.

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